Not directed against China ahead of Ding Yuan

Not directed against China ahead of Ding Yuan
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Under the new rules, June 1, 2011, after the end of World Table Tennis Championship, the Association will be submitted to the World Ranking List of the London Olympic Games competition. New Rules for China Table Tennis Association has created some new problems.

Beijing this morning, reporters connect the ITTF President Shalala, the President said that the entry list submitted in advance pros and cons, impact is not serious, did not mean for China.

China ahead of schedule lists the adverse selection

New policy questions: International Table Tennis Federation World Championships in 2011, after the provisions of the world's top 28 Olympic athletes were eligible. For most associations, it did not much impact. But a lot of talents in China, the new regulations the most secure adverse Guoping players selected.

Shalala explained: the reason ahead of time is June 1 world ranking after the end of the 2011 World Championships the latest rankings.

Advantage is that the rankings reflect the situation more real, more accurate. Downside is that if used at the end of the world rankings, some young athletes may meet the requirements standings because they have more time to earn points.

But in June the world's top young players a bit early, which undoubtedly accounted for a top-ranking veteran advantage.

Although the Chinese Table Tennis Association's interests are affected to some extent, but this policy is considered from the overall situation, there is no meaning for Chinese. In fact the list submitted by the date of the Sydney Olympic Games and also the same, but the Athens Olympic Games and the Beijing Olympic Games are 31 December (or January) to submit.

Variable length of time it takes, increased staff

New policy issues: the new policy, submitted to the London Olympic entry list from more than a year. The greater the longer the mean variables, the selected players to participate in the Olympics is likely to produce injury in this period, the overall preparation of the Association of the situation is very bad.

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